Impressed and Humbled

Jennifer is doing a great job putting this site together for me and I have high hopes for its success.

That success will come if we connect with you and others who are interested in photojournalism, particularly black and white images of past events and the players. Doing that requires that we post content that is of interest to you and that will keep you coming back for more. That content will eventually include images by other photojournalists too.

I have a substantial archive (tens of thousands) of black and white images and lots (thousands) of color images too. The black and white images were shot primarily from the mid-1960s through the late 1970s. After I went to work as the public information officer for the Dade County Aviation Department, operator of Miami International and five other South Florida airports, I shot almost exclusively color images.

During my three years there (1978 to 1981) and through the 1980s I shot 35mm film provided by Dale Laboratories. It was Eastman Kodak motion picture negative film cut into 36 exposure rolls and packaged in cassettes. Dale Labs provided a relatively inexpensive package that included a roll of film, developing of the negatives and printing a corresponding set of slides for, at the time, under $10.

I have about 80 canisters of 36 exposure Dale Labs developed color film and the corresponding transparencies. I used other types of film for various assignments and to illustrate magazine articles I wrote for trade publications.

Eventually, perhaps in a year or so, I hope to reach out to other photojournalists I've known and/or respected who might like to display their work. That will depend on you. If you're interested and keep coming back we'll build an audience that will attract them to show and possibly sell their photographs on RPJ.

Thank you for your interest!