Who's Afraid of the Dark?

After several weeks of perusing Craigslist advertisements far and wide I located a darkroom setup that was a good value. I purchased it and returned home (a fairly long drive) with a big box of stuff and a Beseler Printmaker 67 Condenser Enlarger With Baseboard. The price I paid was very right when you consider the enlarger is priced at $379.95 by B&H Photo.

Why did I get this in the first place?

A couple of months ago my consultant Jennifer reviewed several large black and white digital prints I made using my Canon 9000 printer. She expertly pointed out the many flaws of digital prints and we decided the current printing process would not do what we wanted to do with black and white printing.

The first alternative was to consider Epson's line of professional printers that use several shades of black ink instead of color ink cartridges. Turns out the cost of that is a bit more than I wanted to spend right now AND it really wouldn't produce true black and white photographic prints.

The second alternative was to try to locate someone in the general vicinity of Aiken, SC who could do expert B&W printing. There are a few folks around with the skills and interest but, unfortunately they didn't have the actual darkroom facility to do it.

The third and final approach was to work with a woman in Aiken who is very skilled and use my own darkroom set-up in a blacked-out kitchen in my office. The hunt was on for the equipment and supplies. Now we've come full circle to the start of this blog post.

I will keep y'all "posted" on our progress with true B&W photo printing. It will be an adventure for me and I suspect a continuing saga as we fully develop the entire workflow.