Two Classes in Two Cities in One Day!

Tomorrow it's off to school I go...

I've got two classes in two cities. Thankfully, they're not too far from each other.

The first is 9 am to 3 pm with a working lunch. It's at Georgia Regents University, newly named because of a college mega-merger in Augusta, Georgia. The place used to be called Augusta State University and that's what all the locals wanted to keep as the institution's name. Most probably didn't know that GRU is the acronym for (Glavnoye Razvedyvatel'noye Upravleniye) the main military foreign-intelligence service of the Russian Federation, and formerly of the Soviet Union.

That class is called "Advanced Shooting Techniques in DSLR Videography." According to the description, "DSLR videography is more than setting the camera on auto and pushing record. Practice making creative shots using the tools available to the DSLR camera. Learn how to master exposure, control depth of field, framing, and camera motion to enhance your shooting skills."

I'm torn between using my trusty Canon HG10 camcorder and practicing with my T3i. I'll probably use both AND bring along my snap-shooter Coolpix P7000.

After that class I hustle over to my hometown library where I will attend a class called "Camera Modes - What Do They Do and How Should I Use Each Mode?" which is a freebie courtesy of one of the members of the group. He described the purpose saying, "We will do a class on learning how to use your camera better, by teaching you about most of the camera modes on the dial or menu of your camera, including the infamous MANUAL mode. We will cover what camera settings each mode affects and how that affects the resulting photos."

I'm really looking forward to not only learning the subjects but also meeting others who are as interested in photography and video as much as I am. It's a rare opportunity given the dearth of meaningful events in the region. I had to make many an overnight trip to Durham, North Carolina during the past few years for courses in documentary video at Duke University's Center For Documentary Studies. I even drove out to the University of Texas at Austin for a Digital Media Academy Documentary Filmmaking workshop three years ago.

So the short trip from Augusta to Aiken will be a relief from the long-distance driving I usually do, maximizing the fun and minimizing the monotony. I'll let you know how it goes in a later post.