Uncertain Future?

Jennifer sent me a link to a New York Times "Lens" Blog that appeared February 26, 2014 entitled "Empowering Photographers to Embrace an Uncertain Future."

Nice clean layout, interesting, educational, well organized... a typical top-flight professional enterprise, the updated Internet version of the "new" (as in new media) New York Times.

The blog topic is the "Photography Expanded" project  to empower photographers to "move into the future with some excitement rather than fear and with a more empowered sense of choices, rather than the sense of being of less value."

It started to get complicated when I clicked on the link for "Photography Expanded."

Turns out that is a project presented by Magnum Foundation and the Open Society Foundations Documentary Photography Project. Remember Magnum from my blog post a couple of days ago? Open Society Foundation is a different matter entirely. Open Society Foundation is backed by the global financier George Soros. Read very big bucks.

So, Magnum and Soros are cooperating on a project for documentary photographers. Again, sounds simple...

Wikipedia states, OSF's aim is "to shape public policy to promote democratic governance, human rights, and economic, legal, and social reform." At least they didn't use the term "social justice." It is a very slippery concept and its meaning depends upon who you ask for a definition of "social justice."

So, we actually have "democracy" influencing journalism and, like a good journalist, I am skeptical. Especially because the Photography Expanded project includes "project labs" in which the major component involves "selected participants only." Who? What? Why? How? are discussed in private.

It is a reality that a majority of any U.S. media undertaking usually has a liberal orientation. This one is no different. George Soros can promote "democracy" but the fact is we live in a "Constitutional Republic" where "freedom of the press" is (at least legally) guaranteed by our U.S. Constitution.

I hope most Americans dig a little deeper into what they see on the Internet. Thinking, making connections and pondering with a skeptical orientation are, in my book, excellent traits critical for living today when everyone faces an uncertain future.

PS -- See "Soros-Funded Media Matters Attacks Conservatives."