A Web Gallery With Unique Vision...

There are plenty of photo galleries on the web ranging from Huge to small. The reason I'm writing about flakphoto is the unique vision of its proprietor -- Andy Adams, a digital producer/photo editor. I like it. I also like his motive "Partnering with artists to promote their work online."

His description of the site really is more of a mission statement, "Flak Photo is an online photography channel that presents the work of artists, curators, bookmakers and photo organizations to a global audience of people who are passionate about visual culture." It surely is that.

It is what I would call a "spacious" site because it is not cramped at all. Just the opposite. For example, a simple matrix of featured photos of individual photographers on "The Collection" page makes it easy to find a style you'd like to explore further. It is on that page that you get your first taste of Andy's vision. It's one that I can identify with because all of the selected photos appealed to me.

The photographers' work I examined were more documentary rather than journalistic in nature. Less reporting, more telling.

Visually, very interesting.