Magic Lab & Wonder Film

Imaging getting a roll of 35mm color film, processing, color slides and color negatives all for about less than $6.

Dale Laboratories offered that bargain during the 1970s and early 1980s. The converted large rolls of Eastman 5247 35mm color negative movie film into cassettes for use in film cameras. They sold a 36 exposure roll of film and a pre-paid processing mailer to return exposed film for processing.

In those days it was innovative used by thousands of photographers who wanted slides and negatives from the same roll of film at a bargain price.

I was one of those photographers.

After nearly 40 years in storage I resurrected the 60 rolls of film from Dale Labs and scanned them with a Wolverine F2D Super 20MP 4-In-1 Film to Digital Converter.

The photos were a bit washed out as shown by photo one. After batch processing about 25 images in my favorite free software, irfanView, they looked much better. For you photo techies, here are my adjustments: +11 brightness; +50 contrast; +0.37 gama, -10 saturation.

Click HERE for some of the photos I took with the Dale Labs 5247 film processed by them.